Decide What Content Types You Will Need

You should group the information you want to work with into different Content Types.

Content Types are the kind of or types pages that will be on the site. They consist of a group of related data you wish to store and access. They are Input and displayed on your site using Forms.

Each Content Type page contains the familiar Title and Body fields by default, but can be customized
with additional entry fields for text, menu's, checkboxes, images, video...

Each content type can have their own Icons to visually differentiate between the different content types on a site. a problem solving site has 6 types of pages, Problems, Solutions, Issues, Ideas, Other
as well as a generic Page content type for standard pages like the about Us Page and Terms of Use pages.

A Blog is a content type which in most systems only has a Title and Body. The CCK allows you to add extra fields to any content type.

You will need to decide what Content Types you need on your site, what additional fields will be required and wether that information will be gathered in a check box (if its true or false), A radio button or popup menu (if its multiple choice) or a text field (if its different every time).

You can also decide what order the fields should be presented in and if any of them are required or not.