Final Tweak Theme Module

The Final Tweak Theme Module is a place where you can
add the final adjustments to your ApplicationWerks or Drupal powered site.

These final tweaks could alternately be placed in invisible tweaks blocks if you wish.
They could also be placed in your sites theme or in your sites sub-theme.

The main purpose for this module or a sub-theme would be to allow easy
upgrades to standard themes. By keeping your changes separate from
the theme.

The Final Tweak Theme Module Module adds a
final css and or javascript file to your installation.

An effort has been made to have this file loaded
after any of the css code of modules, themes and sub themes.
This gives it a higher precedence than the other css files.

This means you can override css rules and settings
that are defined in other css files on the page.

You could change the css in firebug to achieve your goal.
The modified css can be copied from firebug and pasted in
your theme-tweaks.css file and your done.

You could also gather up and save your changes locally using Stylistic.
When you are satisfied you can copy and paste them into
your theme-tweaks.css file and your done.

Where to place your files

You place your css file in the css directory.
You place your javascript or jquery file in the js directory.

Your file names should contain the name theme you are using.

If you are using the garland theme your files should be named


If you are using the zen theme your files should be named

This lets you handle and manage css and javascript tweaks for different themes.

Installing zfinal_tweak_theme module

Download a copy of the zfinal_tweak_theme module.

Unzip the package.

Upload the zfinal_tweak_theme module to your sites modules directory.

Go the the Modules List page

Enable the "Item Icons" module.

Click Save.

Put your css and javascript in the css or js directories as appropriate.

If cant see your css file in the list with the other css files.
You may want to switch themes briefly in order to rebuild the theme cache.